Secret Yeast Bread Recipe

I have been using this yeast bread recipe for over 30 years with a few changes and modifications.  I still use this yeast bread recipe regularly now but add some ingredients now and then that usually improve the flavor.  I now use a Bosch mixer which works very well.  I have daughters who have kitchen-aid mixers but still come to our home to make bread because they prefer the way the Bosch makes the bread.  Or perhaps they prefer to have the mess at our home.  Some time ago I acquired a Jack LaLaine juicer and use the pulp from the juicer in my bread.  We have gone from using loaf pans to baking the loaves on a flat stone.  It changes the shape a bit and it bakes differently.  I usually make the dough and my wife who is much more adept than I makes and bakes the loaves.  This recipe has been used at the Utah Mid-summer Renaisance Faire since 1987 to make what we call scones.  We have people come from all around the west during the Rennaisance-Faire to see the Shakespeare Plays that are put on here every year so they can get our scones.  I have for many years told people that wanted this recipe that if everyone had it we would not have an exclusive and people would quit coming to our faire for our scones.  I plan on this free offering making my web site attractive enough that it will bring business that will make this site profitable to me.  I hope that is true and that you enjoy the bread you make from this recipe.