grain & things you can add

I put six and nine grain cereal in nearly every batch. They can be purchased at most health food stores. Flour is of course the base and main ingredient in your dough. When you put other ingredients in you are again limited only by your imagination. The inclusions should not be more than two or three cups of whatever. I have put pulp from juicing fruits and vegetables, chopped nuts of all varieties, sunflower seeds, date bits, raisins and dried fruits of several varieties, just chop them the size you want your happy little surprises to be. Two cups of any chopped fruit is a tremendous amount but if you are making a specific type of bread, i.e. date nut bread, you may need more of the fruit and nuts than if making bread with happy little surprises in it. I grind whole wheat, both red and white, and millet in an electric grinder and use that in my dough. I have a hand grinder that I could use if the power was off for a long period of time.